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Pikes Peak Junk Removal Pricing is calculated based on the volume your items take up in our truck. To ensure that you receive the best price possible, our friendly Dump truck operator can provide you with an accurate estimate.


The price for hauling and removing heavy material such as dirt, gravel, roofing materials, and concrete is charged by the truck load.


Pikes Peak Junk Removal takes pride in offering clear and easy-to-understand pricing. Before we begin any work, you’ll always receive a free, no-obligation estimate for the work.


Please call or text us at (719) 654-4455 for an estimate. Texting or emailing photos of the items you need removed is the fastest way to receive an accurate estimate. 

Though the price for each project will depend on your specific needs and requirements, we’ve listed the things we take into consideration for each project on our Booking Page.

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